About Us

Who we are?

We are an all-women holistic skincare brand based out of Surat, Gujarat. Our products are organic, vegan, and chemical-free formulated with scientifically balanced compositions. We take pride in offering you a luxurious experience with our handmade products. Our products are made keeping in mind a holistic approach and conscious living. Initially launched in Europe, Mansi Maheta is now available all over India as well.

Our Story

Mansi (founder) is vegan for the animals. She is a molecular neurobiologist by qualification and a yoga teacher by profession. She had no luck in her quest to look for chemical-free and effective vegan skincare products. Since Mansi comes from a scientific background, it eventually led her to formulate her own compositions. After realizing that all her friends and colleagues had taken a liking to it, it only seemed fair to Mansi to share it with the world and that’s how Mansi Maheta (MM), the holistic skincare line was born. 
Over the years, we have experimented a lot with our compositions and our brand believes in always improvising and catering to our customer’s needs in the best way possible. Our brand believes in minimalist skincare with clean and natural ingredients that work their magic onto the skin.


All our ingredients are organic, without any preservatives, artificial colors or chemicals. Our products are formulated to last longer. They are free from parabens, SLS or any other sulphates. We at MM like to be completely transparent about our products. We make each product keeping in mind our customer’s wellbeing and only after a proper ingredient assessment. All our products are sustainably manufactured.

Our Vision

Mansi Maheta is more than just a brand, it’s an idea, an initiative towards better living choices, sustainability and guilt-free life. We believe in the essence of holistic skincare. We at MM represent a new fresh look at beauty, one that’s real and about helping skin retain its integrity and rejuvenation, we believe in empowering the natural beauty, making our customers feel beautiful inside out.


Let’s work together for the betterment of all living beings

For every purchase above 2500 ₹, we will donate 25% to the local animal sanctuaries/ Shelter in need.

Donation for the sanctuaries are accepted.


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