Holistic skincare - why is it necessary?

Many of us would think a holistic skincare is to use organic products and that’s what we try to do. Thinking that we have many options, especially in today’s skincare market where many brands are claiming to be organic, 100% natural and chemical free, far from the reality…

So what does holistic skincare actually mean?

It takes a deeper approach looking into the roots instead of looking at a topical problems of your skin. Skin- a largest organ of our body connected to external as well as internal factors which are all together responsible for it’s texture, behaviour and damage.

Common factors which cause skin cell degeneration and damage is pollutants, toxins in the products, radiation, foods high in glycemic index, animal based fat, hormonal imbalances, stress levels, physical activity, menstrual cycles etc…

So how come we just assume that using an expensive organic product will FIX all our skin problems?

As Many of you have heard that “we become what we eat”, our conscious food choices are vital not only for a healthy functioning body but also for healthy skin, hair as well as on a molecular level it determines the composition of our cell membranes, bone marrow, blood, hormones, tissue and organs. 

Diet being an important aspect in our skin health, consuming mindfully whole foods, food rich in vitamins and lean proteins is the best!

Being mindful in your day to day life and participating in the activities which relieve stress and release endorphins, helps balancing hormones in the body. Personally, I love practicing yoga as moving meditation.

Using the right products is also an important factor here to maintain elasticity and nourishing your skin. Do your own research and stay away from artificial chemicals in your products.

Beauty experts have been screaming in their blogs/ vlogs, that drink enough water… Lack of water can do numbers of damage to your skin.

Dark circles, saggy skin..sound familiar? In this digital world we often struggle with sleep, getting 7-8 hours of sleep seems impossible. We need our beauty sleep to rejuvenate, renew and regenerate skin cells!

It is time to be a conscious consumer, to change and to evolve for our overall health, Environment and Animals.

Let’s take a step forward towards a healthy sustainable lifestyle.



Mansi Maheta